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See You Later Alligator  お別れの曲


♫ Goodbye, goodbye. [Wave your right hand, then your left hand.]
It's time to go. [Point to your watch.]
Goodbye, goodbye.
I don't want to go. [Shake your head "no" and wave your hand in front of your face.]
See you later. [Look through your hands as if they were binoculars, and then point out.]
Alligator. [With your arms, mimic a big alligator snapping his mouth shut.]
Bye bye bye. [Do a one-handed wave, opening and shutting your hand.]
Butterfly. [Lock your thumbs together and mimic a butterfly with your hands.]
[As the music descends, slowly bend your knees until you are in a crouching position.]
Goodbye! [Jump up from your crouching position and wave with both hands.] ♫

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